What is a Poker Coach and Why Do You Need One?

The game of poker is arguably the most difficult casino game to learn. If you’re just starting out and aspire to win big money playing poker, be prepared to invest several hours learning how to play poker before you even stand a chance to win a meagre sum out of it. And if you’re going through poker lessons all by yourself or not without a poker coach, be prepared to spend a lot more time and effort. In this article, we’ll briefly introduce you to a poker coach and let you know how much of an influence a coach could have on your poker skills.

What is a Poker Coach?

Your poker coach is like any other coach. The goal of poker coaching UK is to familiarise you with the game and the various aspects of it such as bankroll management, cards to be played in every position, proper bet sizing, etc. Learning with a coach on your side is much faster and also effective. If you’re a beginner who is keen on real-money poker, you are likely to not lose a lot of money in the initial stages of gaming.

By the way, your poker coach need not always be a real individual. It could be a website that teaches you poker lessons for beginners through quizzes and specialist courses, and also providing access to strategy articles and interactive learning tools. The interactive tools on offer would deliver as per your requirements and experience or skill level.

Guide and Mentor

A poker coach won’t just help you learn the game but would invariably give you the push you need to get rolling with things.

Your poker gaming experience may have started on a positive note. You are progressing with your stakes and crushing all the games you’re encountering. But not every day works like that. There are times when you are not cracking it all and the motivation and excitement to continue playing, as a result, dwindles.

To correct things, you may look up the Internet for some solutions and hope. You discover some workarounds but only a few are on target. This is when a professional poker coach comes into picture with his expertise and experience. The coach would analyse your game and point out the mistakes you’re making, so that you get back on track right away.

Personalised Training

Unlike other casino games, there are several dimensions and layers to poker, which you get introduced to only when you keep playing the game frequently. And quite often, you have no clue how to handle the newer twists and challenges there are to the game. A poker coach may not take you through all the ideas and concepts right off the bat. He would learn your game and attempt to amend certain aspects of it. As a result, you will spend minimum time studying the game and the results would show up in almost no time.

Jumping to the Higher Level

Another reason you should consider hiring a coach for poker is to jump to another level. Many poker enthusiasts and even experts win big and consistently at a particular level. However, when they try to up the ante a bit and move up the ladder, things start crumbling unexpectedly. They may lose money, feel lost and could end up reverting back to their original level.

A poker coach would first determine if it’s the right time to move up. Once the coach believes it’s time, he would then help you lay out your goals so that your progression is a lot more organised and not purely out of excitement and ambition. A coach would most importantly help you identify and execute the important adjustments.


Poker isn’t one-dimensional. There are different variants that could present their unique gameplay, strategies and learning requirements. The shift from one poker form to another is usually marginal, but there are also bigger leaps to make. In other words, you might be adept at one form of poker, but that doesn’t mean you would excel at the other variants too. You could make a marginal jump to No Limit Hold’Em Tournaments to No Limit Hold’Em Cash. But jumps to Razz Tournaments from No Limit Hold’Em Cash is more significant.

Being good at one form of poker isn’t really an issue as most players specialise in a single form. But if you have had enough of the poker you’re already good at and would like to add variety to your gaming experience, then a shift is recommended. Learning a new game of poker is not easy and you would invariably need a coach to come to your rescue.