The secrets to multi-table poker tournament success

Multi-table poker table games, form an excellent platform for beginners to learn poker strategies without losing plenty of stakes in the process. And thanks to the onslaught of online poker, you can now play games at any time in the comfort of your own home. It’s pretty clear that anyone can win online poker tournaments. Whether it the combination of just the right sets of cards, of taking advantage and playing the small stakes, or just playing against plainly terrible players, aggression and precise timing are crucial for winning in poker tournaments. But worry not for we have got you covered! Here are some online poker tournament tips that will set you just on the right lane for success.

1. Conservative Approach

Online poker tournament strategy varies immensely from Cash-Game Strategies. The main variance being that, poker games are all about endurance or simply survival, and once all your chips are gone, so is your participation in the competition. That’s why it’s important always to keep track of the number of chips you have, and your stack at hand compares to the blinds that are ever increasing, also keeping in mind that the number if chips you have will dictate your play in the poker tournament. Thus during the start of the game keep your stack healthy. This online poker tournament tip comes from a conservative approach, which suggests that you should play tight and wait for just the right moments to come to you, the goal is preserving your chip stack for later stages in the tournament, without risking any early dangerous all-in confrontations. Thus letting the inexperienced poker players let loose, and erratic players bust out, all while not engaging in any reckless gambling yourself.

2. Make wise Calls

In plain and straightforward terms, poker tournaments are no different from a state fair. You first start off with huge sums of money but from one attraction to another, riding Ferris wheels or throwing a baseball at some cans of milk, over time your fund slowly bleed away, hence you have less to spend and might make hasty decisions as the fair gets to end or close. Thus as with State Fairs, in poker tournaments, make wise use of your time, don’t blow away your funds, chips, or stakes, in the wrong buy-ins or the wrong moves a little too early. It is indeed an important poker tournament strategy to always keep in mind.

3. Patience Pays, So be Prepared to Long Sessions

The simple, straightforward doctrine or online poker tournament tip that is as simple as this: Play tight-moves as is possible in the begging of the gaming session, and progressively loosen up in the later levels. With that said it goes without question that this depends on the size of your stack, but if employ a conservative approach and avoid getting caught up in big confrontations in the beginnings, all will work out just fine. This method will provide you with ample time to learn how the other player behaves, their patterns and tactics, and also a fine way of avoiding losing too many chips at the starting periods. So buckle up, for a long session!

4. Don’t Get ‘Carried Away’ while in the final Phases

As highlighted, this indicates the period where players are a few spots away from scooping the win. This phase is the most exciting and fun one in a poker tournament but also is the most stressful for players who have shallow stacks. For this is the period where you have probably played for long hours, and now that you are finally there closing in for you payday you get bamboozled in the very last second. So if you are at this stage here is the poker tournament strategy to keep in mind. First, if you have small stacks, extreme caution is advised – fold all plays that are not a monster hand, to increase your chances of survival. And if you happen to have made it with a huge, healthy stacks, then it’s your few opportunities to punish and hammer the short stacks, put them in an all-in at every presented opportunity, with a right hand of course. Thus since they will so often fold every time you raise, it’s practically free chips for you.

5. Be Aggressive when Playing Shorthanded

The principle here is simple, don’t be too selective when playing shorthanded i.e. when you have less than eight or nine opponents in a table. Be more aggressive than if it were a full table, for hands here with big cards go up in value. When you’re this deep in a tournament, you will often find yourself in demanding positions, which are kind-of-weird to say the least, for your hand may look weak, but play it aggressively, since your opponents will also have broad ranges. This online poker tournament tip is illustrated in that, when you are at a shorthanded table, being picky about your shorthands will often land you in trouble, for if you continuously wait for a monster hand to form, your stack will have considerably decayed from the blinds or even vanish in the process.

6. Head-Up Phase: Put More Pressure on Opponent

The Heads-Up Phase is when you have all but one opponent remaining in the tournament. The poker tournament strategy here is significantly different when compared to previous stages, and it’s worth specifically training for Heads-up duels. So once here put a lot of pressure on your opponent, for otherwise, he will just grind you. A good example is like a hand of Ace-Five, on a full-ring table it’s virtually unplayable, but it’s practically a monster while playing Heads-up.

7. The Rule of Thumb: Don’t Get ‘Ripped Off.’

While in the final table, remaining players have a tendency of trying to make deals to split the remaining prize money. And if you are inexperience your opponents will have a likely hood of taking advantage of that making an offer way below the actual value of chips, hoping you are too scared to go on playing without an assurance of a deal. Kindly turn down those offers, they will moan and threaten to go on playing without a contract, but eventually, they will accept a counter offer. In this, we can draw upon the Rule of Thumb which says that a deal which goes by the Independent Chip Model Numbers is a decent deal for every player. Thus by no way should you accept much less nor demand much more than that.